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    We started the Saving the Lion Foundation to help make a difference to the frightening situation the lion faces. Humanity faces loosing the lion by 2050. We are committed to stopping that from happening. The Lion is a key part of the ecological balance, without the lion Africa's ecosystem would collapse.

    By raising awareness and funding/supporting conservation efforts across Africa and Asia (for Asiatic Lion). We can make a real difference and help prevent the lion from disappearing before our eyes. Imagine a world without the lion. No mighty roars or glorious manes. A world without the most glorious and majestic animal on earth.
    We work all over the world to conserve lion populations and save lions from terrible circumstances. There are many threats faced by lions all over the world and we must act now before it is too late. Everyday lions face poaching, habitat loss and more in the wild and torture and pain in captivity. Taking the pledge shows that you are committed to saving the lion, in the wild and in captivity.



    "If we can't save the kings, we can never save the kingdom" - Edward Bourke - 
    Chairman and CEO of Saving The Lion Foundation

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