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Money: The New King of the Savannah

By Edward Bourke

Money: The New King of the Savannah
Many governments don't see lions as the Kings of the Savannah. They see money as the King of the Savannah.
Here is a great example - After the tragic death of Cecil the lion, Zimbabwe quickly placed restrictions on hunting. Many people took this as a sign of hope and progress. Robert Mugabe also began extradition proceedings against Walter Palmer. These restriction quickly disappeared, and as for the extradition; that never materialised into anything of substance. When will the world's governments learn that money needs to come second in the race for priority?
In years to come, governments that have chosen the foolish path of ignoring (and in some cases accelerating) wildlife issues, will realise that without their wildlife they have an extremely dilapidated tourism industry and with the disappearance of Eco-tourism, so disappears millions, if not billion of dollars from their economy.
Unfortunately, many governments do not have this foresight, They will continue to hunt them, destroy their habitat and farm them. By the time they come to the realisation, that wildlife holds exponential value while alive and wild, they will have nothing left to conserve. These disgusting practices have run their course and must be banned. It is the end of the line for Trophy Hunting, Canned Hunting, Habitat Destruction and Predator Farming.
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