• Our Goals

    Raising Awareness

    Our Mission is to save the lion by raising awareness about the declining number of lions in the wild and canned hunting.

    Changing Minds

    Lions are commonly seen as aggressive predators but they love, just like us. They have feelings and know what is happening as much as you or I do. When they are tortured for "Cub Petting" they feel the same as if we were tortured for the entertainment of others.

    Wake Up The Humans!

    There are only 15 to 20 thousand lions left in the wild! This number is quickly declining. If we humans don't wake up and pledge to save the Lion, these beautiful, majestic creatures will be gone. Taking the pledge will help raise awareness around the world about the struggle this species faces every day.

    Restoring The Lion Population

    We aim to restore the lion population to 450,000 (their numbers in the 1940's).


    In the future we aim to set up/fund a sanctuary/reserve in Africa. A place where lions from Bad Zoos, Circuses, Canned Hunting farms and bad owners, can be safe and comfortable to live out their lives in a familiar environment (area native to lions). It can also be a place to preserve the species, a place where wild lions can feel safe from poaching and trophy hunting.

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