• Lionstock Project

    A revolutionary way from you to help save lions

    Saving The Lion Foundation's new major project - the 'Lionstock Project' provides a revolutionary way for the general public to get involved in saving the lives of lion's in Africa. The Lionstock Project aims to not only increase and maintain the economic freedoms of African communities, but also protect lion populations.


    Saving The Lion Foundation, in conjunction with partners on the ground, will achieve this through publicly funded financial assurance for African communities when livestock is killed by lions. After detailed research and discussion with partners in the field, and after Saving The Lion Foundation was able to help fund the rescue and relocation of a lioness we have concluded that this project will allow the public to have an affordable and direct impact on the lives of lions in Africa.


    It is wrong to think that any community in Africa wants to kill lions for no reason. This is simply not the case, they do so simply out of desperation - desperation to put food on the table and help keep their families alive. However, the Lionstock Project brings together humanitarianism and conservationism in alignment and we are able to assist struggling communities whilst directly saving the lives of lions. The Lionstock Project removes the incentive behind the revenge killings of lions, and with funding both helping to compensate communities and relocate lions - it provides a safe and stable environment for both parties.

    Lionstock Partners

    Working with us in the field

    D.A.R.T are close partners of Saving The Lion Foundation, and have helped us to formulate and action this project. D.A.R.T will be working with Saving The Lion Foundation in the ground to work with communities and lion populations to produce great results. Indeed, it was with D.A.R.T that Saving The Lion Foundation was able to accomplish its recent mission to rescue and relocate a lioness.

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