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    From the publication and distribution of their textbook 'Canned Lion Hunting - a National Disgrace' at the turn of the new millenium, Chris Mercer and Bev Pervan have become part of the conservation and animal welfare landscape in South Africa. Now formally structured as a registered wildlife charity, Campaign Against Canned Hunting (CACH) is at the forefront of efforts to expose the harm being done by an industry whose whole business model is to make egregious cruelty to helpless animals, routine.

    SPOTS operates in the Netherlands. It's major goals are educating, creating a network for several wild cat projects and raising funds for our supported projects in Africa and Iran.

    SPOTS officially stands for Save and Protect Our Treasures but also refers to ‘places’ to visit in the world.

    Lots of people visit places where you can cuddle or walk with lion cubs. "Cub-petting."

    SPOTS is very worried by this phenomenon since it can be a threat for wild lions because wild lions get taken away from the wild for new blood. Further they think many of these projects are unethical. They suggest that cubs will be put back into nature when matured but this is nearly impossible.

    Most probably these cubs end in the Canned Hunting Industry. They think that many volunteers and tourists don’t support this but simply don’t know. Therefore they are focusing on giving education in the Netherlands.


    Shizzy's Wildcat Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that was founded in January of 2013. Shazir Haque started Shizzy's Wildcat Rescue in the hopes that he and his team could help save and protect wildcats in captivity and in the wild. Shizzy's Wildcat Rescue was incorporated in July of 2013.

    Shazir Haque took a trip down to Carolina Tiger Rescue which is a sanctuary in Pittsboro, North Carolina for a project and met Nitro at Carolina Tiger Rescue. Nitro was a blind tiger living within the safe sanctuary of Carolina Tiger Rescue. Meeting Nitro changed Shazir's life forever. Nitro passed in the months following their first visit and the loss of Nitro pushed Shazir's inspiration to new heights.

    They are working hard in the hopes to have their own facility to rescue wildcats and find ways to repopulate and save the near extinct tiger and also save habitats.

    ADDA was born in the middle of 1979. It was given legal capacity in December of the same year and subsequently asked for being registered on the Record of Public Welfare Entities.
    Referring to this inscription, the controversy that originated was well-known because it was for the first time that an entity related to animal’s rights was registered on that public Record.
    ADDA claimed those rights for their proteges, as well as for other protectionist entities with similar guidelines.
    The unbreakable attitude of ADDA regarding such situation won the inscription and, like it happened to the entity under different circumstances, the petition established jurisprudence on the State organism.

    Youth 4 African Wildlife is an international Generation-Y group raising global awareness of the plight of endangered African Wildlife and wildlife crime through experiential research, social media and film. They are rallying YOU to #FindYourCity

    SafariBookings is THE online resource for planning a safari. You can easily compare their vast collection of specialized safaris, offered by 1,372 tour operators. Or use their quality info and independent reviews to decide where and when to go. SafariBookings holds its offices in the Netherlands, Europe.

    As far back as 1959, Guy Ellis’ grandfather began his service business. Since then, every member of the family has found him/herself working in a family-owned, family-run company known for relationships, personal touches and quality.

    The family is also a group of intrepid and selective travelers and, over the years, they’ve collectively visited almost every desirable destination on the globe.

    Along the way, they became travel gurus to friends, family and acquaintances: suggesting destinations, accommodation, experiences and on-the-ground contacts.

    After many years in search of the ‘perfect safari experiences’, they decided to formally tailor-make Completely Unique Safari experiences for discerning international and local travelers. Completely Unique Safaris is now the culmination of that expertise, matched with a passion for wildlife, conservation and photography.

    D.A.R.T. was formed in 1999 in Dete by Paul de Montille − a Professional Wildlife Guide − to alleviate the suffering of animals caught in wire snares set by poachers.


    D.A.R.T. is a registered wildlife Trust based in Hwange National Park that not only darts (immobilizes) and treats snared and injured wildlife, but for many years has also conducted snare patrols to search for and remove these horrific devices from the bush before they can do any harm.


    Over time D.A.R.T. expanded its operations to provide assistance and valuable logistical support including vehicles, fuel and equipment to Researchers & National Park Rangers in the field.

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