• Threats Faced By The Lion


    Lions are common animals poached in Africa. They are poached for skins, heads and full bodies. These are used for status symbols in the houses of greedy and heartless humans. Lions are also poached for their bones. Due to the decreased number of tigers and the increased protection of the tiger, lion bones are used in "Tiger Bone Cake".

    Bad Zoos and Circuses

    Lions in captivity often face torturous mistreatment. Bad Zoos are more common than you think and lions often die very young and from avoidable diseases in bad zoos. Circuses are one of the worst places a lion can go. Lions in circuses always suffer mistreatment and as a result they develop phycological problems as well as physical problems; caused by tricks that involved standing on their hind legs for unnatural periods of time.

    Canned Hunting

    Canned Hunting is the situation in which lions are bred to be hunted. When they are cubs they are pet by tourists in "Cub Petting", in their adolescence they are used in the tourist activity known as "Walking With Lions", finally when they reach adulthood they are killed by paying Canned Hunters in a small enclosure from which they can not escape. They are then used as trophies.

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